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Research Outputs and Publications

(Citations: 851, Source: Google Scholar as of June 24, 2024)

Journal Papers

Supply Chain Management

AI Intensity and Firm Resilience: Evidence from Firm Performance under Disaster Shocks
Miaozhe Han, Hongchuan Shen, Jing Wu, Xiaoquan (Michael) Zhang​, Information System Research, conditional accept.

The Right Way to Mix and Match Your Customers
William Schmidt, Nikolay Osadchiy, and Jing Wu, MIT Sloan Management Review, Summer Issue, 2021.

Supply Chain Nearshoring in Response to Regional Value Content

Jonathan Hsu, Zhi Li, and Jing Wu, fast-track 1-round revision

Financial Statement Comparability and Global Supply Chain Relations
Jie Peng, Boluo Liu, Jing Wu, and Xiangang Xin, Journal of International Business Studies, 2023.

The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Global Sourcing of Medical Supplies
Senay Agca, John R. Birge, and Jing Wu, European Society of Medicines, 2022

Operations-Finance Interface

Working Papers

Geopolitics and Global Supply Chains
Sustainable Operations
Supply Chains Management

Labor Coordination and Division: Human Capital Investment in Supply Chains
Ling Cen, Michael Hertzel, Zi'ang Wang, and Jing Wu, in revision.

The Spillover Effect of Customer CEO Myopia on Supplier Firms
Yifan Jia, Zheng Wang, Jing Wu, and Zilong Zhang, in revision.

Operations-Finance Interface

The Hidden World of Trade Credit: The Flexibility Role of Late Payment
Jing Wu, Hsiao-Hui Lee, and John R. Birge, in revision.

Cash Smoothing Role of Trade Credit for a Dual-channel Supplier: Theory and Evidence
Jie Ning, Yu Tang, Jing Wu, Jiaqi Zhu, in revision.

Supply Chain Network Structure and Firm Returns
Jing Wu and John R. Birge, in revision

Spillover of Customer CDS on Supplier Disclosure
Matthew Cedergren, Ting Luo, Jing Wu, Yue Zhang, in revision

Book Chapters

The Impact of Servicization of
Manufacturing Firms on Bullwhip Effects
Shenyang Jiang, Zhibin Jiang, Yimeng Niu, Jing Wu (2023), Foundations and Trends® in Technology, Information and Operations Management: 16 (3–4). pp. 304-317, 2023.

Supply Chain Structure and Competitor Relationship
Jing Wu and Yang Xu (2020), The Oxford Handbook of Supply Chain Management, 2020.


Financing Suppliers under Performance Risk
Christopher S. Tang, S. Alex Yang, and Jing Wu (2019), Foundations and Trends in Technology, Information and Operations Management, 12 (2-3). 135-151.


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